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What Users Are Saying

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"As a rescue captain working offshore and through hundreds of miles of inland waters, GPS is critical to my line of work. Without it, our level of service will be dangerously affected."

- Captain Troup Nightingale, Georgia

"I am an active General Aviation pilot and am very concerned about the safety risk to GPS operations that may be presented."

- Daniel Rose, New York

"I am a sailor. This is a huge concern for us. Coast waters, harbors and ports require GPS. It would be very dangerous if interference caused GPS to fail. Expecting the GPS industry to add filters to current units to accommodate LightSquared is not reasonable in today's economy."

- Sabrina Nichols, Kansas

"GPS is a key component to our livelihood. As professional surveyors we are the geospatial experts that create and measure highly accurate geodetic control positions. In the future our work will be increasingly tied to GIS through a geospatial framework. Without a fully functional GPS signal our industry will be set back more than 15 years."

- James Shaw, Maryland

"We are a sixth generation family owned and operated farming company in the Central Valley of California. Our farm began using GPS technology in 1999 and we have benefited greatly from this technology. It is an integral part of our business and daily operations. If the system is degraded or disrupted it would cause us great economic harm."

- Cannon Michael, Bowles Farming Company, California

"Reliable GPS signals are critical to Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) approaches to many General Aviation airports."

- Frederick Huppert, Ohio

"Accurate data collection it is very important for our utility, or any utility. Knowing the location of our power lines and other equipment is critical for the safety of our customers and crews as well as for quick outage restoration and in emergency situations. Not being able to collect accurate data would increase our operational and construction expenses and could potentially lead to safety issues."

- Diego Portillo, Colorado

"We utilize GPS technology to map rare species habitat throughout the Northeast. Our job would be much more difficult, and our results less precise without GPS."

- Steven Johnson, Ph.D., Massachusetts

"GPS technology plays a pivotal role in our organization's work flow. We track threatened and endangered plants and wildlife species throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Interruptions to our signals would greatly impact our ability to protect these species from construction activities."

- Nicole Peace, Colorado

"As a former employee in GPS and as an individual commercial user, I have concerns from both a civil and military standpoint of potential interference amongst GPS users that could undermine our nation's well-being in areas of safety, communication, agriculture, and finance."

- Susan J., California

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